a feast for the senses

I moved my Treetop Mix from my Soundcloud page to Mixcloud. 90 minutes of downtempo electronica await. Please enjoy and share. If you like the mix enough, you can download it from archive.org.

Treetop Mix by cycle60 by Cycle60 on Mixcloud

After having a conversation with my friend and fellow musician Jeff Green, I ponied up for the Loopy iOS app. I gotta say this app is a lot of fun. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to capture ideas on the fly.

Here’s my first attempt at Loopy-fying myself:

I’ve been fortunate enough to perform live at various events and have vinyl, CD and mp3 releases. But what’s next? I’ve grappled with this for awhile. After much hand wringing (and donut eating) I’ve taken the plunge in adding items to online music libraries. But you won’t find them listed under “cycle60.”

Harddrives in the studio are littered with sketches and ideas that don’t follow the direction I wanted to take with cycle60. I’ve released them to istockaudio under the name Splicerack, which is the name I use for my graphic projects.

I’m tweaking a number of already composed pieces to upload but a number of iStock “originals” are also in the works. I invite you to take a listen and, please, spread the word. I’m open to requests and suggestions, too.

This release symbolizes a return to my roots. Ambient roots.

Eschewing dance floor rhythms and typical song structure, Nepenthe is a new collection of melodic, experimental vignettes.

From the start, I knew I wanted to keep things simple and understated. The deliberate use of a minimum of tools (hardware and software) and a live, one-take recording ethos was key in achieving this.

I’ve taken the leap into DIY synth-land with the Bleep Labs Pico Paso. This was crazy easy to build and it’s a lot of fun to play. No presets, only simple synth fun. Hence the series name: smplsnth.

The piece below is one of the first bits I recorded. The Pico Paso’s dry signal is pretty raw – it only has 2 triangle wave oscillators – so what you’re hearing here has a fair amount of processing added in Live. There was only one edit to remove an over modulated chunk in the middle.

I rarely take time to make mixes anymore, but this one came together pretty well so I thought I’d share it.

Built for quiet moments, this mix contains ample amounts of ambience to get lost in, with an occasional jolt of adrenaline to keep some wind in your sails. It’s your to download, enjoy & share.

cycle60′s Treetop Mix by cycle60

01. ISAN “Calf”
02. Loscil “Chinook”
03. Manual “Astoria”
04. I Am Robot and Proud “Me vs. Heidi”
05. Proem “Da.vironmint”
06. Autechre “Nine”
07. Marsen Jules “Aeillet Sauvage”
08. Boards of Canada “Heard from Telegraph Lines”
09. Ulrich Schnauss “Shine (MINT Remix)”
10. ISAN “Trois Gymnopedies: No.3 – Lent et grave”
11. Populous “Hi Hat The Ro Q’s Drms”
12. Lusine “Drip”
13. Loscil “Rorschach”
14. I Am Robot and Proud “When I Get My Ears”
15. Marsen Jules “Coeur Saignant”
16. Boards of Canada “Over The Horizon Radar”
17. Autechre “Montreal”
18. Lusine “Ask You”
19. Telefon Tel Aviv “My Week Beats Your Year”
20. Four Tet “No More Mosquitoes (Boom Bip Remix)”
21. Mum “Sing Me Out The Window”
22. Boards of Canada “Under The Coke Sign”
23. Brian Eno “1/1″
24. Autechre “Foil”
25. Loscil “Zephyr”

rawrNew tweaks to an older track. Download and enjoy.

Stale Chips by cycle60

I googled myself today and found downloads link to a remix I had done for an Orb contest in the ’90s. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The mix was never commercially released so it’s not like I’m losing money, but a link back here would’ve been nice.

visionsThe latest creation from the lab has a decidedly otherworldly sound.

Her Visions Beyond Tomorrow (Clawfoot Dub) by cycle60


Milk Plasma (Original Mix) by cycle60